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In the early '80s I wrote for all kinds of pop music, teen and girls' magazines - No. 1, Etcetera, Jackie, Patches, Blue Jeans, My Guy, Link-up, Hit Machine, Kicks - and, the best pop magazine of the decade - Flexipop!

Flexipop! gave me full reign to do just about any kind of interview I wanted to. Whereas a lot of the other mags just wanted to know about a pop star's favourite breakfast cereal, Flexipop! let me ask all kinds of daft stuff - more often than not with some kind of sexual overtones.

Most of the photographs were taken by Neil Matthews - who later went on to direct videos and has worked with everyone from Paul McCartney to Placido Domingo.

The art director was Mark Manning (who later changed his name to Zodiac Mindwarp and become something of a pop starlet himself).

Mark and I once directed a Flexipop! photo-story called Bad Bax 2, which starred the punk rockabilly band, The Meteors, and featured probably the most graphic acts of cannibalism ever shown in a teeny-pop magazine. A granny in Brighton complained to the police and the mag was seized! It was later banned from WH Smiths stores for three months...

This was me back in the '80s. Note the tailored white suit, the Panama hat, the buttonhole, the faraway, dreamy expression.
Style: Brideshead Revisited.
Fashion God: Noel Coward.

This is a more recent picture. Note the designer scruffiness, the elegantly tailored tatty denim, the whole ensemble perfectly complemented by the piece of grass clenched delicately between the teeth.
Style: Ground Force
Fashion God: Alan Titchmarsh

In later years, I got out of pop journalism (it's good fun. But not much money!) and into computer journalism.

I've written for all kinds of computer mags, presented videos on the PC Plus cover CD and written and presented features for BBC Choice television.

In the 90s, I got back together with ex-Flexipop! publisher, Barry Cain, to publish an 'adult humour' magazine called 18 Rated. The cover of the first issue featured the talented backside of Elvis Aris (the amazing bottom impersonator) doing his stunning impression of the late and great Elvis Presley. It was immediately banned. (History repeating itself....?)


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