Monday, 15 July 2019

Toyah’s Working Week, Rabbit, Rabbit

Long, long ago, in the early ‘80s, I interviewed Toyah, for the ‘My Working Week’ feature in Flexipop! Here is a short extract. Was it a coincidence that Toyah happened to have a rabbit obsession and the photographer, Neil Matthews happened to bring a Bunny outfit with him? I’ll leave you decide…


Got up late—about ten—quite knackered. Got to the studio at three o'clock, but by four o'clock nobody else had arrived so I went shopping. I really hate shopping because people keep recognising me and I feel stupid. Today, while I was in one shop, this girl came up to me and stood virtually nose to nose with me and went—“'Ere, look at this, Ann, I fink it's 'er!” I just stood there looking at the wall. I get so scared sometimes because I look different in real life—I probably look more haggard and knackered than I do in photographs and people go—“Ooo, don't you look a state! Ooo aren't you small!” It's really embarrassing. 
Sometimes I cover my hair up to try to stop people recognising me, but that doesn't seem to work any more. 
When I got to the studio, I 'phoned home to ask how Mum and Dad were and if my rabbit was still alive. He was fine. My Mum has to look after my rabbit for me when I'm not there. My Mum calls him Fatso, but I call him F**k-face. He's a great rabbit and I love him very much.


Spent all day at my publicity office doing interviews and 'photo-sessions, which was very tiring. Then I went home and did my business again. After that, I fed my next-door neighbour's rabbit. I often feed it although my neighbour doesn't know I do. I climb over the fence and give it water and cabbage and things because his owner lets him get really thin. I think I'm a sort of rabbit Saviour, really.
This is an extract from my book of 80s interviews, Neon 80s, available on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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