Monday, 20 February 2012

Adam Ant - Punk or New Romantic?

A long interview with Adam Ant in today's Guardian. Apparently, Adam gets annoyed when anyone muddles him up with the early 80s new romantic scene.
"Cos new romantic was nothing to do with Adam and the Ants. The Ants was a punk band, or a post-punk band if anything, and so historically it's inaccurate. New romantic was basically, in my mind, clubbers with too much makeup on with stupid clothes. I never set foot in any of their clubs, so I find it quite distressing to be nobbled into new romantic, cos it was just a load of guys who looked like they'd had a row with their girlfriends' makeup. There was nothing tough about it, nothing dangerous about it, it was soft electro stuff and it just looked a bit wet. And I didn't like being associated with it."
The fact of the matter is that nobody at the time identified themselves as 'New Romantics'.  I remember interviewing Duran Duran once and they got quite tetchy when I suggested they might be New Romantics. The same with Spandau Ballet. Which begs the question - if Adam, Spandau and Duran weren't New Romantics, who was...?

Anyway, you can read The Guardian interview here: and they also have this new video of Adam performing Stand And Deliver.


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