Saturday, 6 February 2010

Jackie Love Songs CD Set

For a magazine that's been dead for well over a decade and a half, Jackie continues to have a surprisingly long afterlife, not least in the form of a brand-name which, for British girls of a certain age, instantly conjures up a warm glow of nostalgia for times when David Cassidy was every girls’ (and a few boys’) ideal sex symbol and the Bay City Rollers’ half-mast trousers were thought to be quite fashionable, actually...

And now here comes yet CD collection of Jackie-branded songs to help us relive those distant days. This 3 CD set is called ‘Jackie - Love Songs’ and it is what one might call an ‘eclectic’ collection, which is another way of saying there really is no discernable connection between these songs and, what’s more, they have nothing whatsoever to do with Jackie Magazine. Well, apart from the fact that most of the artists no doubt appeared in pictures in the pages of Jackie.

You can find the full track listing here:

This is a ‘70s themed collection with some great songs from the likes of ABBA, Bryan Ferry and Lindisfarne (though I’m not entirely sure that Lady Eleanor is my idea of a ‘love song’!) and some not so great songs from The Osmonds. Oh, and there are (of course) a couple of songs from the ever-lovely David Cassidy (swoon)...

David Cassidy also featured on the last Jackie CD set which I reviewed a little while back. You can see that review on the old ‘80s Empire Arena’ site:

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