Saturday, 5 August 2017

Bucks Fizz Reunite!

They're back! Well, Three out of four are, anyhow. Bucks Fizz have reunited (though they've dropped the Bucks and are now calling themselves The Fizz) and are recording their first album for 30 years. Original members Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan are joined by Bobby McVay to make up the reformed quartet. This is the first single release. What do you think...?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bronski Beat - new single, new album

New Bronski Beat single...

The current line-up of Bronski Beat is: Steve Bronski, Ian Donaldson and Stephen Granville. The new album, The Age Of Reason, is due for release on the 28th of July. For more info, go to their web site :

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

W.A.S.P. On Tour

W.A.S.P. are one of the truly great hard rock/metal bands of the '80s. Over the years they've been through a few changes in lineup but the singer and motivating force of the band, Blackie Lawless, is still the main man. W.A.S.P. are on tour in the UK and Europe this autumn. See them if you can! Here are the tour dates...

And just to get you prepared, here's one of their classic songs...

Monday, 10 July 2017

1980s Pop Stars Behaving Badly

The BBC has put together a nice collection of celebrities behaving badly. Although bad behaviour wasn’t confined to the 1980s, that decade did give us some classic examples. I won’t give the game away, but if you head over to the BBC site you can watch some classic examples of celebs screwing up (and being slagged off by viewers) from the likes of Captain Sensible, Joe Cocker, New Kids On The Block, Feargal Sharkey and the ever-popular phone-in with Matt Bianco. And just in case that isn’t enough, here are a few more…

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hit That Perfect Beat - 31 Years On

Hit That Perfect Beat was a hit in the UK in November 1985 (31 years ago this month!) - it was the first Bronski Beat single to feature John Foster ('Jon Jon') singing, following the departure of Jimmy Somerville. John was obviously a very different singer from Jimmy. But I have to say that I just love this song. Bronski Beat never managed to have another similarly massive hit thereafter (though the follow-up, C'mon C'mon was a relatively minor hit). John Foster left the group two years later. Watch the video, turn up the volume and feel free to dance around the room!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Cum On Feel the Noize

Here's another great 80s cover version for you. In 1983, the hard rock band Quiet Riot recorded Cum On Feel The Noize and had a top ten hit with it in the USA. But in Britain, the band Slade (who wrote the song) had a Number One hit all of ten years earlier in 1973. Queit Riot later went on to record another Slade song Mamma Weer All Crazee Now but that was not such a big hit for them. Anyway, see what you think. Here is Quiet Riot's version of Cum On Feel The Noize...

And here is Slade's original...

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Judas Priest's Rob Halford - the Danny La Rue of Heavy Metal!

Rob Halford of Judas Priest only came out as gay in 1998. But in the early '80s he gave me an interview that was, how shall, I say, well, at least a bit suggestive. Actually, I had a lot of fun interviewing Rob. My interview style was a bit on the cheeky side and he went along with the spirit of it - giving funny and outrageous answers to my impertinent questions. Here is a part of that interview....

My interview with Rob Halford from Flexipop! magazine

When I met Halford I could hardly avoid noticing that he was wearing more black leather, chains and studs than I'd seen anywhere outside of certain, um, 'special interest' nightspots. So naturally, I asked him about it. He was only too happy to talk.

"When we first started I use to wear all silk and satin," he told me, "They were really quite elaborate costumes too! I used to get all my clothes from the Birmingham theatrical costumiers. I'd just go along and pick up anything I fancied - some of my outfits were really bizarre.

"When we did concerts I used to tear off after every second number to go and put on something different. Often I'd do as many as six or eight costume changes in one show. It was like Danny La Rue [a British female impersonator] backstage - quite outrageous!"

I asked when he decided to throw away all his silks and satins and slip into some figure hugging black leather.

"I think it started off with me wearing a leather jacket and feeling really good in it. Then suddenly the time came when we were all completely dressed in leather and stuff, I think we were probably the first group to take it on in a big way."

So, naturally, I asked Rob if there was any sexual angle to it all?

"I wouldn't deny that there are pretty strong sexual overtones to this sort of gear but there is a lot of raw sexual energy in the music too. I would say that Heavy Metal has got all the qualities that sex has got to offer in all its various forms and delights."


"Well, maybe not all of its various delights. Although we have had a few odd incidents at some of our concerts when people have been discovered gyrating with more than ordinary dance movements!"

So why do many chains and studs?

"As far as I'm concerned it's all a bit of fun. There's often a sense of competition between different Heavy Metal groups, with everyone boasting 'I've got more studs than you have, mate!' or 'I've got more lengths of chain around my neck than you have.' --- though I have to say that when I'm in my full regalia I can give anyone a good run for their money."

Cheekily, I asked Rob is he might ever be tempted to trade in the leather and go back to all the satin frills and flounces.

"No, I don't think so," he told me, "I can't see myself doing all those costume changes in future. So fans needn't worry. I shan't be dashing off after a number and coming back on wearing a sequinned cocktail dress!"